Our focus is on engaging with young people in the places where they gather. Through our interactions with them we endeavour to provide opportunities that will see them activate their potential to become engaged participants within their communities. 

Where We Go: Schools, tertiary institution and community centres 

What We Offer: Personal development, sports coaching and after-school initiatives 


Through our dynamic interactive workshops, that can be run at your own or a neutral venue, we are able to facilitate a learning process that is designed to equip leaders, educators and parents of young people 

Where We Go: Churches, Schools, tertiary institutions and community centres 

What We Offer: Leadership Development, Youth Ministry Development, a range of Life Skills. 


 The rising unemployment rate in South Africa continues to concern us. To address this problem we have a skills development plan that includes: 

A platform that will enable young people to pursue entrepreneurship as a viable option 

A workplace readiness program that will assist young people in preparing for the world of work 

Our Locations