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Nov 13

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Finishing Strong

Often as Youth Pastors and Leaders in the fourth term of Youth Ministry we wind down when we should be winding up. The best time to pull off the stops is the last term. Few key things to finish strong in terms of your Youth Programs. Don’t Forget Basics Never lose the your basics in Youth Ministry. Connect with the individuals on a ...

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building a team that lasts


Oct 13

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Building A Youth Ministry Team That Lasts

This post touched on the importance of having clear standards for your youth ministry's leadership team. The nature of your team directly affects the your effectiveness in creating evangelism and discipleship opportunities for young people. We need to be careful to build teams that last for stable youth ministries. Unstable ...

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higher standards youth leadership team


Aug 13


A Higher Standard | Youth Leadership Team

A couple of years ago it was much easier to be a leader because if someone had potential we brought him or her unto the leadership team. We used an acronym, “F.A.T. (Faithful, Available and Teachable) to decide who is going to be part of the team. We were fine with allowing people to become leaders because they said they had a ...

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