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Buyela is a Zulu word meaning “return”


Buyela, is a performing arts and year of your life ministry of Youth for Christ South Africa. It makes up part of the expression of our motto, “Geared to the times; Anchored to the Rock“. We endeavour to be cutting edge in communicating the love of Christ.


The performing arts, that is dance, drama and music, are one of the most effective ways to connect with young people. Buyela was started in 2010 with the mandate to see:

  • A return of young people to God
  • A return to family as God intended


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Buyela toured South Africa, countries in Southern Africa and United States Of America, using the production, Yo Africa!


At at the moment team Buyela is not running as we raise funds to get the team(s) back on the road and review this ministry’s strategy. To give toward team Buyela‘s ministry go here.


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