Youth for Christ South Africa


Youth for Christ South Africa has many centres around the country. We are constantly looking toward expanding our reach to the young people in other communities, towns and cities.


No two YfCSA centres are necessarily identical. This is because of one of our ministry philosophies: “Geared to the times; Anchored to the Rock”. Sharing the love of Christ with young people is our ideal.




However, the way in which we do this must be relevant to the communities in which we serve. Not only that, the love of Christ compels us to also address the challenges that young people face in their varied contexts. Go ahead and check out what each centre is up to:


Training Centre – CYARA



Cape Town



Kwazulu Natal

L’abri Campsite



Please Note: We’re in the processing of reviewing and reworking our ministry strategies for Gauteng. To stay informed of developments for Gauteng and other areas subscribe to our newsletter here.