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Oct 13

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The last few weeks have seen disturbing reports about violence and aggression in schools. Reports of teachers being assaulted by learners featured on media.

Based on media reports, it is not easy to easy to ascertain whether this is a new or something that has plagued the schools for a while now. The Saturday Star on the 12 October had a full page covering stories of teachers being shot, set on fire assaulted with hammers and other forms of violence.

It is important that The Star and other publications are bringing this to light. However, it is also disturbing that such news gets buried on the 17th page, while “news” that Rihanna was not making “diva demands” before her concert occupied the first page. Could this be reflective of how seriously we’re taking this challenge in our schools is being taken?

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Besides teachers being assaulted, more videos of learners assaulting their peers continue to emerge. An example is a recent incident covered by News 24 in a Durban school.

One of the things the Saturday Star reports highlighted was that some school authorities felt they were at the end of their tether and did not know what else to do to address these challenges. In a sense, this challenge cannot be completely addressed by educators, school authorities and the department of education only.

There are a number of dynamics to consider. For instance, home or family and community impact on the learners. There are also unique circumstances in relation to each aggressive learner.  This challenge plaguing schools is a challenge for all of us as a nation.

This is why we partner with schools and continue to look at ways to come alongside other schools and young people in communities. The adage, “It takes a village to raise a child” is true. It takes more than just teachers and schools to raise young people. Family is integral to imprinting values such as love and respect for ‘neighbours’.

The aggression / violence in the schools is something we cannot ignore nor leave to schools and the education department. We all can do something to address it.

As Youth for Christ South Africa (YfCSA) we not only see our work as necessary and relevant but of utmost importance. Our passion is the future of our nation in and through the young people. Their future is our passion.

Anything, such as jobs, we create for young people can be easily made null if we do nothing to address issues confront challenges they face. The love of Christ compels us to act.



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