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Fun | P for Planning


May 13


This is part of the “P for Planning” series. The P for Planning series is about learning the importance of Planning for your youth ministry and meetings.

Nothing is ever fun without fun. Hashtag: #Fact. One of the reasons why people enjoy what they enjoy is because it is fun. God never made us to be boring. A desire for adventure and fun is God-given.

After spending time in prayer, listening to what God would have you communicate with your youth group, it is time for the next phase in planning: Eeeffffff – Eeeewwweeee – Ennnnnn: FUN!

fun can be a tool to keep your youth engaged. however, keep it a means and not the only goal always

fun can be a tool to keep your youth engaged. however, keep it a means and not the only goal always

God made us creative. We’re all creative in different ways. One of the things every youth leader should strive to do is create youth gatherings that do not become replicas of the Sunday worship service; the same just with only a younger crowd.

The fun you have in your youth group can just be fun for the sake of fun. Technically, it is not to be fun for the sake of fun. (There are times you can have fun just for the sake of fun, but that cannot dominate the purpose of your gatherings).

If young people are not going to have fun in the regular meetings they are likely to stop coming. They might start looking for it elsewhere, which is exactly what you don’t want them to do.

There must be a fun element in your youth group. You could do this by playing a game or Icebreaker. Your game or crowd breaker can be an object lesson or just fun.

Fun ≠ Unimportant | Fun = Important

When young people learn while having fun they tend to remember more because they’re engaged. Fun also allows them to let down their guard and be more open to interacting with others in the youth group and building relationships.

After all, your gatherings must also build individuals while building community. Fun allows the youth to relax and be more receptive to the message.

A game can help take their attention off their day and to be present. Be careful to keep everything in perspective. Fun cannot always be the only objective of every meeting. At the same time, young people also want to have fun.

As your plan your ministry activities for the term, year or meetings, remember to plan for fun. It will help you build relationships among the youth, help them change focus to the meeting, make sure they come back with friends and be a great tool for teaching.