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Geared To The Times… | Part 1


Jul 13

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There’s a code that people and organisations live by. Some of it is spoken and it is also lived. This is one of the things that makes part of our code:


Geared To The Times, Anchored To The Rock…


This is a motto Youth for Christ (YfC) strongly believes in and does everything by. “Geared To The Times” is the focus of this post…


Youth culture is dynamic, ever-changing. What was in yesterday is out tomorrow and what was out ten years ago is now the new “it”.


Each generation has things common to it that will be very foreign to the one before and even after it. Technology and its advances create a new way of interacting with each other. A new way for young people to connect and express themselves.


engaging culture...


Due to technology and growth of social media, young people around the world are starting to have more and more in common.


As YfC we not only believe, but also know, from our daily interaction with young people who you cannot reach or understand them on your own terms.


Making a difference in the lives of young people starts with understanding their world. It starts with getting a grip on their language and ways they express themselves.


Many fail to connect with young people because they want the youth to speak their language. We’d rather just enter the world of the young people. This doesn’t necessarily mean dressing, talking and acting like them. It just means being in the space and world and observing as a way of learning.


We’re not afraid to engage culture as it changes. This is something that lights our fire… We cannot be relevant to youth and the challenges they face if we run from engaging the world they live in…


The reason Daniel, in the Bible, made the difference he made is that he understood the culture he was in. You cannot speak into and make a difference in a culture if you don’t understand it.


Every day YfC youth workers enter the world of young people. Just to know them. To understand the culture they live in so that they can play their part in making in difference in both the present and the future at the same time.


Because young people’s future is our passion…



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