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higher standards youth leadership team


Aug 13


higher standards youth leadership team

A couple of years ago it was much easier to be a leader because if someone had potential we brought him or her unto the leadership team. We used an acronym, “F.A.T. (Faithful, Available and Teachable) to decide who is going to be part of the team.

We were fine with allowing people to become leaders because they said they had a relationship with Jesus.

Now that has all changed over the last two years. Our standards now include looking fruits. That is, is their following Jesus evident in every area of their lives.

Do they honestly Love God and Love People at school, home and anywhere else? Do they wear Jesus well? Are they going to break the team or add to the team? (The importance of unity cannot be overemphasised.)

Now they even sign contracts / commitment forms. (Download the Youth Leaders’ Commitment Form, in case you find it useful).

The reasons why for the drastic change from two years ago till now? Number one we are dealing with young people’s eternities and the leaders play a key role in that.

Take the lives of young people you reach seriously. Set a standard for the leadership team that will enable this and not get in the way. The leaders should never be a stumbling block but rather a point of difference to lead them to Christ.

When I did this with our youth leadership team I had a few crazy faces but lately we have become a family in Christ. We have become more real with one another and keep each other accountable with the love of Christ.

It’s a journey that we still on and beginning to see fruits of the youth being real and keeping one another accountable.

What happens at the top filters down and make sure that what ever leaks out from your leadership team is Jesus. Hope this helps you as leaders.