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iThemba Commissioning


Mar 13


Youth for Christ South Africa (YfCSA) is privileged to be a part of what God is doing in our nation. Actually, throughout the world. Since the mid 1940s YfCSA, has been privileged to reach young people by creating opportunities for them to make decisions to be Christ followers.


There are many models for evangelism and one of the most effective in reaching young people is other young people. Not only using young people but young people using a language common to all young people everywhere: the performing arts. Music, dance and drama.


This team is made up of young people giving a year of service to reach their peers abroad. They are trained in South Africa and at the moment, spend at least eight months of the year reaching German young people.


iThemba is a Zulu word meaning Hope

iThemba is a Zulu word meaning Hope 



iThemba is one of the ministry teams YfCSA has served many young people in South Africa, the United States and parts of Europe. iThemba is a Zulu word, which means hope. Through iThemba’s ministry we hope young people find hope in Jesus, the Christ


This Sunday (10 March 2013), 23 iThemba team members were commissioned. This marked the end of their training in South Africa and their release to go to Germany.


They will be leaving for Germany on the 3rd of April. Please keep them in your prayers for the rest of the year. Pray that through their ministry, many young people will make decisions to be Christ followers.


If you are passionate about the performing arts and sharing the love of Christ and would love to be a part of iThemba read more here.


We believe that young people, when trained well, can be very effective in reaching their peers. We also believe in that the media of communication matters.


If you want to reach young people, let other young people speak to them in their language.


See some iThemba commissioning pictures on our Facebook page. More will be uploaded soon.

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