Youth for Christ South Africa


In order to fulfil our mission, YfC Knysna uses the most effective and responsible means to serve the youth and their families. These interventions/projects are in the following areas:


School Development And Life Skills Projects


These include HIV/Aids, sex and sexuality, self-image, peer pressure and substance abuse etc.  Other activities include peer education programs, school assemblies, and assisting school youth Christian programs such as VCSV, CIA and KIX.


After-school Programs


This program, focusing of the ‘balanced life’ principle reaches out to grade 7 learners on a physical, mental, social and spiritual level, equipping them with skills and tools in order for them to be able to cope with high school the following year.


Youth At Risk


YfC is deeply concerned with the many children and youth living on the streets.  Young people we make contact with on the streets are referred to drop-in Centres such as Sinethemba Youth Care Centre, and in other cases these young people are taken up in our Youth and Family care programs


Youth And Holiday Clubs | Bible Study And Discipleship Groups


Youth clubs and programs and discipleship small groups have and will always be part of the YFC ministry.  Staff and volunteers are involved in a variety of clubs and small groups in and out of school, churches and in the broader community.


holiday clubs and kids programs


Leadership Training


These include training of school representative bodies, prefects as well as the training and development of Church youth leaders where emerging young leaders are challenged to reach their full potential to serve others.


Out Of School,  Job Creation And Income Generating Programs


These programs focus on teaching both life skills and job skills to equip the participants to be gainfully employed or to become self-employed. Hard skills include electrical, plumbing, welding, motor mechanic and basic hand tool skills.


There are also computer skills being taught, garment making and sewing, jewelery and card making, as well as assisting parents with self-sustaining gardening programs.


Programs For Young Men


These programmes give young men coping skills to prevent them from abusing women and helping them to make right decisions (focussing on self-esteem, sex and sexuality). Men are assisted to work through their feelings and important and relevant information are shared during men-to-men sessions.

During workshops and camps for fathers and men, men in crisis are empowered and receive counseling whilst equipped with life skills to fulfill their roles in the family, church, work place and the community at large.


Parenting Workshops And Camps


Parenting workshops and camps, dads & lads camps, father & daughter camps all contributes to strengthening family relations.


Performing Arts Teams And Youth Rallies


Performing arts teams consist of young people who volunteer a year of their lives to reach their peers through music, drama, dance and life skills presentations.  These TEAMs visit schools, churches and church youth groups and their impact is huge.


YfC Knysna Performing Arts


Adventure Outreach And Camps


Developing recreation and allowing relaxed interaction between YFC staff, volunteers and campers.  These activities vary from one night ‘sleep-overs’ or ‘stay-awakes’ to weekend and week-long camps




Our OPTIONS Pregnancy Centre seek to reach out and serve pregnant women and their families in crisis.  Many women pass through our doors on a weekly basis where they find love, support and counseling


Vulnerable Children And Families


These programs aim to improve communication between parents and their vulnerable children and other interventions that strengthens their capacities to care for their vulnerable children


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