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Aug 13



Sometimes our desire to make a difference is blocked by not listening. It is not that we cannot listen, it is that we do not.

The first way to meet a need is to be aware of it. And we become aware by listening. Our ears and hearts need to be attentive.

We need to be attentive to God and the needs around us. God hears the prayers of people struggling, in pain, the lonely, the incacerated, the overlooked, the undermine, the frail, young and unseen.

His response to the need of the world is a call to us for action. He places those in need in our paths. He makes us see them. Sometimes, we walk right past them.

I won’t lie, sometimes I turn my eyes away and hope they don’t approach me. My excuses include, “I don’t have anything on me”, “what if they’re just cons, and the truth is there are con artists”, “I should bring him some clothes tomorrow”, but I never do…

We all have our sets of reasons. I’m not judging… I’m just wondering…

How many times we ask God to use us as His instruments for change in the world. We pray that He would touch the lives of the hurting, yet we overlook:

We are often the answer of our prayers for God to touch and heal the hurting.

While we work toward making a difference the best place to start is at listening. We often fight the voice of God when it tells us to do something for someone. To spend a few minutes listening.

Sometimes it is the children and young people in our lives longing to be noticed and celebrated. We give them stuff without stopping to listen to what they really need.

How well are we doing in listening to the needs of those around us?

Listening is the first step to understanding the need around us. It is through listening that children and young people give us marching orders to meet their needs in a relevant way.

Jesus once met a blind man and he asked him, “What would you have me do for you?”. He could see that he was blind but He listened before acting on what might have been obvious.

How well are listening? Are we acting based on what we see or our actions informed and on purpose from learning by listening.

One of the biggest needs of young people is simple: to be heard.


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