Youth for Christ South Africa

Ministries | Projects

For a long time Youth for Christ has had the motto: “Geared to the times, Anchored to the Rock”. We believe that our ministry activities must be relevant and cutting edge. Our message never changes but our methods must be constantly overhauled for impact. We base our ministry activities on our “four pillars”:

  • Godliness in lifestyle
  • Devotion to the Word of God and prayer
  • Passion for sharing the love of Christ
  • Commitment to social involvement


All YfCSA centres are similar but not exactly the same. This is primarily due to the felt needs of the different communities and towns centres exist in.

Outreach endeavours and social involvement initiatives are tailored specifically to the young people in each locale. This means that some centres may have ministry projects other centres do not have and that centres may run the same ministry projects differently. Our ministry activities include but are not limited to:

  • Spiritual Development (Evangelism and Discipleship)
  • Camps & Conferences
  • Equipping Youth Leaders and Workers for effective youth work / ministry
  • Schools
  • Prisons
  • Children and Youth At Risk
  • Options
  • HIV / AIDS Prevention & Awareness
  • Life Skills & Peer Education
  • Job Creation