Youth for Christ South Africa

Performing Arts

One of the most effective ways of communication is the arts. Very few things, if any other, speak straight to the hearts of young people like dance, drama and music.


Youth for Christ South Africa (YfCSA) has a very strong history in reaching young people through the arts. We have used touring ministry teams such as bands like Khanyisa. Khanyisa, and other such teams toured South Africa extensively, as well as other countries such as Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia, United States, Germany, England and others.


performing arts


The Performing Arts in YfCSA’s context is a two-pronged ministry:


  • As mentioned before, communicating the message of Jesus, the Christ to young people.
  • Provides opportunities for young people gifted in these areas to reach their peers. Young people volunteer for a year and serve in teams such as Buyela and iThemba.


Team iThemba has been going for over fifteen years. Young people from South Africa and Germany make up teams that tour Germany, recaching young people in schools.


Team Buyela, is more recent than iThemba and tours South Africa primarily, using music dance and drama. They reach young people in schools, prisons, churches, communities and wherever doors open.


Find out about Buyela here and iThemba here