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South Africa Is Drowning In Money…

nothing for mahala


Oct 13


Actually, South Africa is drowning in money problems, not just money. Some of the challenges South Africa’s young people are based on financial challenges youth face directly or otherwise.

While interacting with some young people in high school, it was apparent to me that they are aware of the financial challenges. Some did work like hairdressing or selling sweets to make just enough money for bus fare to school.

Some gave the money to their parents to dispense as per the needs of their families. The sad truth: the financial situations of most families, to a great extent, dictate their opportunities.

And the heartbreaking stories are many…

We could lament about the injustice and inequalities but that is useless unless we do something about it.

nothing for mahala

Nothing for Mahala

This is what Heartlines‘ new movie Nothing for Mahala (Nothing for Free) hopes to address. People’s attitudes and values toward money.

Helping people examine their values when it comes to money can solve some of the financial challenges.

The movie is only a part of the campaign. With the campaign is curriculum for churches and youth to engage on values related to money. You can get curriculum by getting in touch with Heartlines here.

Youth for Christ South Africa (YfCSA) has been proud partner with Heartlines, at different capacities, including material development and use of it to engage with young people on values. Nothing for Mahala is poised for great impact.

Your Turn

Do yourself, your family, church, youth group, community a favour and go check out Nothing for Mahala screening at cinemas from this Friday (04 October 2013).

It will be really awesome if you can go this weekend because launch weekend determines how long the movie will screen. If we all go out and see it this weekend it means we will keep it in cinemas longer so that the rest of South Africa can see it.

Some of the challenges South Africa faces, right now can be addressed in and through this campaign. Have fun and make a difference all at the same time. How cool is that?!

What’s your take on the impact financial challenges have on young people?

In which city will you be going to watch Nothing for Mahala?