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Step One | “P for Planning”


Apr 13


This is the second post in the “P for Planning” Series. The first post highlighted the why you must never leave anything to chance.

An earlier post touched on the importance of being intentional and planning your meetings. Never leave anything to chance… Here are some ideas on where to start with planning meetings for the young people you lead. This can include small groups, club or your regular church youth meetings.

step one | planning series

the starting point to all ministry planning must be prayer

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As a youth pastor or leader, God has entrusted you to lead the young people in your care. Something all youth workers / leaders must always be careful of, is forgetting that they are there because God placed them there to serve young people.

The first step to planning anything for the youth you serve is prayer.

It is not just about having great ideas. It is about hearing God speak to you and give you directions.


Prayer is something every leader must practice with his / her own walk with God. A vibrant personal relationship with God is the first place of ministry for any youth worker. God calls you to yourself first and then to serve the young people second.

SEE: Matthew 10:1-25

Having a great personal relationship with God allows you to keep you heart attentive to God. This means you are better able to hear Him speak to you about what you must teach your young people.

The youth ministry team must not just get together to talk logistics for meetings. Plan exclusive time for prayer. Focused prayer times, when there is nothing else to talk about help focus on hearing God’s voice.

Activity can get in the way. To what extent has your team been given to prayer as part of planning? It must always be the first place in planning. As youth leaders, we can easily fall into the trap of going about our plans activities and then just before the meeting asking God to bless them.

On the other hand, if you start in prayer, you plans are blessed right from the start. Not that God cannot bless our efforts in reaching young people… But we don’t have to use prayer as a, “Lord, please let this work” desperate plea because of the insecurity that comes from trying to make our own ideas in our own strength work.

God’s work needs God’s strength and it all starts with prayer. Jesus’ ministry is evidence of this.

At about that same time he climbed a mountain to pray. He was there all night in prayer before God ~ Luke 6:12 (MSG)

Jesus prepared Himself to communicate God’s message and love to people by starting in prayer. If prayer is not a part of your planning then you’ve missed the first and most important step of planning.