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Finishing Strong


Nov 13

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finishing strong

Often as Youth Pastors and Leaders in the fourth term of Youth Ministry we wind down when we should be winding up. The best time to pull off the stops is the last term. Few key things to finish strong in terms of your Youth Programs.

Don’t Forget Basics

Never lose the your basics in Youth Ministry. Connect with the individuals on a real open honest level.  Remember the little things that make a huge difference.

Be Relevant

We can get so caught up in the holidays but we don’t equip the Youth to not put their relationship with God on holiday too.


It is always great to challenge the Youth to do something radical in changing lives in their community. Great time to get them geared up to do some justice in a children’s home etc.

Fun Stuff

Never lose the fun element especially during the exam period.  Give them something to let their hair down even if it has nothing to do with the message of the night.

Head Start

If you can get a head start on something before the new year then do it. It eases the pressure off so that you may focus on bigger things.

Realizing that if you finish strong at the end of the year it provides a jump-start for your youth ministry.  The Youth deserve the best so give them the best of your ideas, creativity in getting the Gospel of Christ across. Get ahead by finishing strong as it does not matter how you start but actually how you finish.

[Photo Credit: janeandd]