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What Youth Leaders Must Do On Student Holidays

youth leaders and holiday


Sep 13

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School holidays happen are a set feature of every year. Well, you heard it here first ;-)

Moving on, what should youth workers do with or during school holidays? Here are a few suggestions:


Youth pastors, leaders, workers etc. also need a time out. Rest is so important that God commands it. Also, Solomon the wisest man, who ever lived, said there’s a time for everything and this includes rest. (Matthew 11:28; Ecclesiastes 3:1)

Youth ministry can be downright exhausting. Phew! Rest is important for you to be better. You give more after and better after a time of refreshing.


It is important for youth leaders to take time out in longer, focused and uninterrupted time with God. Use this time to hear and encounter God for yourself. It is easy to fall in the trap of seeking God to find out what to put curriculum at your own expense.

Take advantage of not having to deal with planning for youth gatherings and seek God for yourself.

Need I mention you also must seek God for your youth group? What should you include in the curriculum for the next term? Seek God.

youth leaders and holiday

Holiday Clubs

There are those holidays where they are only holidays for students, with most families not going away. That may be a great time to run some holiday clubs. Consider putting on a weeklong program for the youth in your community.

Use this as time to grow the young people in your youth group as well as evangelistic efforts.

Holiday clubs can be run out of your church, perhaps even a camp.


Connect with other youth pastors in your community. Build relationships with other youth pastors… Remember you don’t just pastor the youth in your youth group, think, see and act “community”.


Use this time to connect with schools in your area. Find out what their needs are and how you can be of assistance. This can open ministry opportunities when schools open.


Use this time to reflect on where your youth group is. Bring your team together and assess the health and needs of your young people.


Use school holidays for team building with your youth ministry’s leadership team. Just hang out. The more you spend time with each other the better you’ll work.

You can also use this time for training your current team and co-opting others into the team. You can do youth leaders’ team orientation for the new team members.

Mother ship

Speak to the elders and other leaders in your local church to assess the youth ministry’s alignment to the rest of the church. Find out what tweaking you might need to do.

Away from the busyness of running programs is a great time for you to ask for help and be detailed about the needs of your youth group.

Is there something I’ve missed? How do you use school holidays for your youth ministry?

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