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Building A Youth Ministry Team That Lasts

building a team that lasts


Oct 13

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building a team that lasts

This post touched on the importance of having clear standards for your youth ministry’s leadership team. The nature of your team directly affects the your effectiveness in creating evangelism and discipleship opportunities for young people.

We need to be careful to build teams that last for stable youth ministries. Unstable leadership teams have a direct impact on the growth and health of youth ministries and youth work.

Here are eight tips on building teams that last.


Create safe environments where no one is judged and it is filled with grace.


You don’t know everything but with everyone having a say it will help to progress as a team.


Be persistent on the culture of no candour by being real and saying things out of love and not a place of hurt.


Take time to get to know your team and if the conversation is always about Church or work you don’t know them as individuals.


Ask probing questions, as it is always good to ask questions with another follow up question to get to know people’s hearts.


Always allow the individuals of your team to play to their strengths.


If it costs individuals of the team something like commitment to time, financially, resources, skills etc. the team will always want to see the vision being fulfilled even it means passing the baton.


Disciple someone to do a better job than you and indirectly work yourself out of one position to a new skill to grow yourself.


None of the above will just happen on its own. Leaders must be intentional. They must be proactive to make these things happen and with time they will become a part of the leadership culture.

A healthy leadership team cultures makes for healthy, growing and effective youth ministries. Leaders, be intentional.