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The Message | P for Planning Series



May 13

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This is part of “The P for Planning” Series. This is series is about showing the importance of Planning for your youth ministry and meetings.

So, you’ve prayed about what your youth group, ministry or club should be focusing on. You’ve had conversations with you local church leadership and your leadership team.

This post’s focus is planning a meeting. The next step is determining what the message for the particular meeting should be.

God’s leading could be that you should talk about, say healing… But what about healing are you going to talk about? One of the reasons why young people keep little from gatherings is that a lot is communicated.

The Message | P for Planning Series

planning for your meeting must be anchored by what you want to communicate

|| Hugo Pardo Kuklinski | cc


When Jesus taught using stories, they generally had one main point. There may be many lessons in Jesus’ stories but they generally had one point or a core message to them.

When you communicate the message of healing, whether through a teaching, game or Bible study, try to keep it simple. Don’t try communicating everything there is about healing in one night.

Focus on one main core point. That you tell differently throughout the meeting. This could be through your song selection, if you’re going to worship in song in your meeting.

It could be the choice of graphics or pictures your put up in your venue or on your screen. Whatever you do, try to communicate one clear core message.

Take Luke 15 as an example. Jesus taught three stories. He taught about a lost coin, lost sheep and a lost son. The thing all these three had in common was that they were lost. They all had ‘owners’ you were grieved at their lost and celebrated them being found.

Three different stories; same core message. The podium / pulpit or microphone is not the only way of communicating a message. It could be the venue you use. It could be decor, or a dress theme.

It could be the food you eat as part of your meeting. Think about how else you could communicate the message God is telling you to. What if you couldn’t preach? If you weren’t allowed to preach how else could you help young people get it? 

Also SEE:  Luke 4:16-21 (MSG)

Jesus was clear about the message He came to communicate and did exactly that. Be clear about the message you want to communicate in the year, term and each meeting.