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You Are God’s Plan

you are God's plan


May 13


For everything serious or important you have to plan. This is easy to prove. You often think about what will go study or after high school. Right? You start thinking about what subjects you need to take so that you can easily get into varsity for the particular studies you want. That’s planning.

For everything important there is a plan. When someone wants to build a house they plan. They plan so that they don’t waste money and building materials. Without planning the value of some resources can easily be lost. The reason people plan is to protect the value and great worth of something.

you are God's plan

you are God’s plan


Planning shows that you take something seriously. Planning is how you bring things that don’t exist into reality. When you plan something you’re saying you want whatever you’re planning to exist. Not only that, it means that you want to control how exactly what you’re planning should exist.

God takes you so seriously he planned you:

“Before I shaped you in the womb, I knew all about you. Before you saw the light of day, I had holy plans for you: A prophet to the nations— that’s what I had in mind for you…” ~ Jeremiah 1:5 (MSG)

This teaches us that you’re no accident. God chose to make you. You’re of great value to Him that He took the time to plan everything about you. He planned the colour of your eyes. The kind of ears and personality he wanted you to have.

The difference gifts and talents you have, those things you do so naturally everyone says you make it look so easy… God built that into you. He wanted you to have those gifts for your enjoyment, serving others and ultimately His pleasure. You are God’s plan. Don’t let anyone tell you any less.

The circumstances on how you came to earth don’t mean much to God. They don’t decide your worth or how seriously God takes you. He loves you the way you are. He loved you so much He made you. He planned you.

You’re so important God had to plan you. You are God’s plan. He knew your presence in the earth would add colour the world He and people around you. If you had no value He wouldn’t have taken the time to plan your existence.

You are God’s plan. You’re worth God’s time and care.

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