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Youth Leaders and Senior Leadership in the Local Church


Apr 13


It has become more common or expected for local churches to have a youth pastor. He / she may not be youth pastor by title but by function.

The youth pastor is generally responsible for overseeing the activities of the young people in the local church. Here responsibilities generally include pastoral care for the young people.

The senior pastor or local church leader generally focuses on overall oversight of the local church. With the young people ‘taken care of’ the senior church leader ends up with greater focus on adults by default.

Likewise the youth leader focuses on the young people entrusted in his care.

youth leader and senior leaders...

One of the most critical relationships in local church leadership is one between the senior leader and the youth leader.

Young people are not the church of the future. They are an important part of the church today. Thus senior leadership must be careful not to overlook how they fit in.

At the same time, the youth leaders need to make sure that they do not separate themselves and the young people from the rest of the church.

Thus, the relationship with youth leaders and the senior leadership is glue and bridge that must bridge the possible gap.

When the youth leaders walk closely with senior church leadership and vice versa, a gap between young people and the rest of the local fellowship is avoided.

When senior leadership and youth leaders walk closely, it facilitates the young people fitting into the overarching vision and strategy of the local church. The risk of misalignment is reduced and young people can be catalysts in pushing the vision of the church pushed forward.

Senior leadership and youth leaders must make sure that they are intentional in cultivating relationship. The older generation must not dismiss the younger as people to keep busy but out of the way so the life of the church can go on uninterrupted.

At the same time the younger leaders must walk in humbly and in submission to their senior leaders. They must realise that they are part of the body of Christ in their local context and walk closely so that God builds His kingdom, both in the young and old and communities are reached with the message and love of Christ.


See Paul teaching to the Corinthians in 1 Corinthians 12:12-23 (MSG)